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82 Sites: Marketing, Monetizing, Analyzing

Now days, everyone’s trying to get ahead. I put together a reference to help you find great tools for your marketing efforts, monetizing plans, and your site’s analytics. Enjoy!

adopinionLet users tell yo u how to target ads. Adpinion is an advertising network based on a new method of targeting ads.

ClickTaleRecord visitors’ every action as they browse your website. Watch movies to understand visitor behavior, gain valuable insights and improve your website’s usability.

crazyeggSupplement your analytics with stunning visual and actionable data

EmailBrainThe Brains behind email marketing – Permission-based email marketing tools to help you build your business faster. Host and manage contact lists, create email campaigns, send in HTML/Text/AOL, and get detailed reports. Run a Free Trial! surveys allow you to design online surveys, collect responses from the visitors of your blog or website, analyze them and finally present the survey results – all using only your web browser and for free.

ClickyClicky is a web analyzer that works great with any web site, even Ajax and Flash sites. It was originally targeted towards smaller web sites and blogs because it tracks a high level of detail on every visitor, and these types of sites find this information very interesting. Since then, many additional features have been added to Clicky, such as the customizable dashboard full of Ajax love, and our amazing filtering interface that gives you actionable data on any subset of your visitors. These features, along with many others, make Clicky one of the best web analyzers on the planet.

MintMint: A Fresh Look at Your Site

HlolaHLOLA is a revolutionary service aimed at ClickBank affiliates and PPC advertisers. It provides a valuable, insightful information that will boost the and commissions of any affiliate marketing campaign within days – by tracking and analyzing an affiliate PPC campaign.

Involversocially relevant event search

outlandishOutlandish is an easy and convenient tool for managing your landing pages. Its perfect for small to medium-sized advertisers who need an efficient way to manage multiple landing pages for various campaigns, as well as an effective way to convert all the traffic.

QuestionformquestionForm is a web application for creating, publishing and analysing multi-language online surveys and forms.

relaytorEmail your messages, files and polls in seconds to query your friends and get the results and comments aggregated automatically for you!

seonikSEONIK is a tool that helps you to convert dynamic URLs into SEO Frendly looking html URLs. SEONIK URLs automatically redirect to destinations that you choose. Also SEONIK has special algorithm that give you ability to know the best suitable keywords for your web page.

tipdishTipDish is a social media directory and wire service that is designed to connect influencers. With this service, leaders in social media including bloggers, podcasters and videocasters (Dishers) receive the latest news, information, products and info from companies, organizations, PR and Marketing Professionals (Tippers).

wibikiWibiki is developed by the people who believe in web ubiquity and freedom. Wibiki is working to make connectivity between users fun,dynamic and resourceful. In fact, the Internet is underutilized and needs to grow at the “edge”. Wibiki is researching new ways to make the Internet easy to use and develop community awareness. We believe “Users Rule” and are developing software to nurture your rights on the Internet! Our downloads are free!

adinfuseAd Infuse, a leader in delivering personalized mobile advertising solutions, today announced its partnership with Mondo Media, a leading online distributor of animated shorts targeted at teens and young adults.
aditlast.auIn simple terms Ad it Last allows anyone to buy advertising at great prices. All types of advertising such as print, radio, digital, online and many more all day everyday.

adjugAdjug connects buyers and sellers of online advertising and provides them with transparency, control and choice. Publishers can take control of their online inventory to increase their earnings and advertisers can run better campaigns because they know where each conversion and traffic is coming from.

admobAdMob is the world’s largest mobile advertising marketplace. Founded in 2006, AdMob allows advertisers to reach their customers on the mobile Web and publishers to increase the value of their mobile sites. AdMob offers both advertisers and publishers the ability to target and personalize advertising to their customers in 150 countries.

adreadyAdReady is an exciting Seattle-based start-up founded by people who have over 50 years of combined online media and marketing experience. We are backed by premier venture capital firm, Madrona Venture Group, and our team is well-equipped to execute on our revolutionary vision to make online display advertising accessible and effective for everyone. As the first Display Engine Marketer, DEM, we are uniquely qualified to bring you an end-to-end service focused strictly on making your online marketing efforts as efficient and competitive as the best ones out there.

adrollAd Communities blend the model of social aggregation and advertising. ( provides a platform for niche publishers to connect their ad spaces, and for advertisers to find highly targeted audiences – with broad reach.

adsymetrixAdSymetrix was created by people with real-world experience on all sides of the advertising world. We have been business owners, sales people, marketing consultants and advertisers.

buzzfuseBuzzfuse* is a content marketing system: we help content creators better market their content, and help consumers find the stuff they want.

bzzagentWord of mouth marketing

bzzersSocial Buzz Network

campaignmonitorEmail Newsletter and List Management Software for Web Designers – Campaign Monitor

catapltredirects to – Web tools for marketing

clickableOnline solution that makes creating and managing search advertising simple and effective.

domodomainWhile there are many services that tell you how many people visit a website, what a business owner really wants to know is who the site visitors are and how they can be transformed into clients. Domodomain, provides businesses with information about the identity and interests of business visitors to their website in real-time

feelbreezeHome | Breeze – Create and send amazing email campaigns

flucFluc is a mobile social network that connects you with your friends, and pays you to receive offers on your mobile phone for free.

forsalebypublisherThe Ad Network arena is a very crowded place, excluding the fringe players the number of ad networks seems to grow, despite some recent industry consolidations. Ad networks still number into the 100′s. With recent moves away from CPM and CPC advertising to a Cost Per Period model, publishers have been able to sell advertising directly to advertisers without spending large amounts of time and resources on tracking the advertisements and reporting numbers.

frengoFrengo is a new social play network that enhances the mobile experience. With Frengo, engaging with friends on a social network no longer means sitting in front of a computer. Equipped with a wide range of games, contests, and messaging features, Frengo members take their social network with them everywhere they go – interacting, planning and competing with friends through their mobile phones.

Google Analytics
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. You’ll be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors.

heyamigoAmigo is a service that matches advertisers with online newsletters, and vice versa. It’s free to sign up!

hubspotHubSpot is an inbound marketing system to help small or medium sized businesses to get found on the Internet by the right prospects and convert more of them into leads and customers. HubSpot inbound marketing helps your company get found by the qualified prospects that are looking for the products or services that you sell in search engines, blogs and the blogosphere, and social media. Once these qualified visitors are on your website, HubSpot helps you convert more of them into leads and paying customers through landing pages, lead intelligence and marketing analytics. HubSpot is web-based, does not require any IT staff, and is designed to be used by a marketing person, not a techie.

icontactemail marketing software, blogging software, and online communications platform

ikarma provides all the tools you need to document and promote your reputation with trust and convenience. In just a few minutes, you can begin harnessing the value of your reputation to strengthen your customer base and grow your business.

jobamaticJob-A-Matic is a great way to earn additional revenue from your existing website and provide valuable content for your users.

keywordspyYou can also earn and even surpass what your competitors are making with Google Adwords and Overture. KeywordSpy gives you the key to their success: a good ad-campaign with the right keywords.

liverailVideo Ad Serving Platform

mailbuildLet your clients send their own email newsletters – MailBuild

mailchimpMailChimp is an affordable, easy-to-use email marketing tool for small businesses and design-it-yourselfers.

measuremapMeasure Map provides free, easy stats for your blog.

merchantcircleInternet Advertising Made Simple – Free

mobiodemobile customer satisfaction surveys

nabbrNabbr is a fun and easy way to make a Hotlist of your favorite stuff, that you can share with friends by posting it on your MySpace profile, your blog, or almost anywhere else on the Internet

newsberryCreate your email, send to your list, track the results.

openadsThe free, open source ad server trusted by more than 30,000 web publishers in over 100 countries around the world. OpenX is a powerful ad serving solution that puts control over online advertising back in the hands of publishers.

ploudPloud is an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) marketing tool.

plugadplayVideo Advertising earn money with Plug AD Play

polldaddyFree polls for your blogs and websites with

predictadPredictAd – a free Ajax service that enables websites and blogs to enhance, monetize and analyze their search box.

pubmaticPubMatic is focused on serving the needs of publishers by providing an industry leading platform that allows publishers to maximize their revenue while simultaneously reducing complexity.

referralmonitorTrack and Manage Referrals with our tool

rightcartWhen you shop with RightCart you’ll never have to leave the page you are on to learn more about a product or even buy it. The entire transaction takes place within RightCart.

rivalmapRivalMap is web-based collaboration software that gives companies a central place to share and address information about competitors and their industry. If your company spends any time watching competitors and their activities, RivalMap will make the management and communication of competitive information much easier and more effective.

robotreplayRobotReplay lets you record and watch your website visitors in action. View recorded sessions of every mouse movement, click and keystroke:

rollanameRoll A Name – Get Noticed! Exclusive place to meet people and promote yourself, your business, site, book, song and much more

rollmiorollmio – promotion network of blogs and consumer generated videos

rsshuggerrssHugger is a unique website that aims to bring bloggers and readers together. rssHugger aims to provide blog owners with an inexpensive easy-to-use way to promote their blogs by sending them traffic, building backlinks for search engine optimization, as well as attracting new rss subscribers if the content is interesting to the reader. rssHugger aims to help visitors be able to easily find blogs that write about subjects they are interested in. These subjects include: internet marketing, making money online, charity, sports, gambling, and much more. If the visitors find a blog that they had not previously heard about, they can easily add it to their RSS readers or bookmark it.

rubiconprojectWant to make more money? And do less work? Advertisers spend money with 300+ ad networks. Our self-serve solution optimizes your ad space by matching ads to networks that make you the most money.

saynowTo be honest, this is ridiculous. Allows you to connect with stars by texting or leaving messages.

scratchbackScratchBack is an online “tipping” system (or as we like to call it, a fancy-schmancy tip jar). It allows you, the blogger, to accept tips and “give back” links* or images* in return on your blog or website.

serphSerph is a search engine that you can use to find out what people are saying on the web right now. It was created to allow you to find the “buzz” about whatever and whomever you want, whether it be you, your company, a competitor, your favorite brand, a product or even the latest buzz on a specific topic.

sitemightyWe build the site. You’re in business.

smoothstartOnline CRM Customer Relationship Management Solutions including Sales Force Automation (SFA) applications, contact management, marketing automation and customer support.

sonarhqMaking online consultation easy

spotttSpottt – Free Link Exchange

spotzerRemarkably affordable video advertising

Text link ads
Text link adsText Link Ads – Smart Link Marketing

tnx – innovative permanent link exchange and ad system

tubemogul – Online Video Distribution and Analytics

vflyervFlyer-Sell Online easier and faster(Real Estate,Cars,Jobs,Electronics,etc.)

viraltrackerTracking Viral Commercials Worldwide

websortWebSort™ is a web-based software tool that enables researchers to perform remote card sort studies. Create a study, send a link to participants, and analyze the results- all through a web-based interface.

widgetbucksWidgetBucks features pay-per-click shopping widgets that help our customers make money fast. They instantly display the most popular products based on buying trends of 100 million shoppers. Thus they are

yodleYodle: Local Internet Marketing

yourmediaplanThere are some amazing resources out there to help you plan the perfect promotional campaign. Unfortunately, these resources aren’t centralised and searching for specific information can all too often become a difficult and time consuming task – especially when you’re not exactly sure what you’re searching for in the first place! is a FREE online resource designed to centralise links to all available media products and resources in a collected and organised format. It is designed to give marketing departments quick access to the information they need to plan a successful campaign. The data is presented in a visually clear and simple, searchable format, which media companies can access and update in real-time. If complicated and costly media directories are not for you then you’ll like what we have to offer. If you are looking for a quick media planning tool then look no further.

zimbieInstant Messaging Services in Minutes. Turbo charge your IM accounts as well as create/host IM bots.

zookodaZookoda is a leading Blog Broadcasting Service provider. Zookoda allows blog owners to proactively drive readership, exposure and traffic by sending blog summaries via email. Zookoda provides blog owners with the tools to manage their mailing lists, design their emails, broadcast blog summaries and track recipient usage.


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