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38 Free and Open Source Media Tools

We all have needs for media tools… here’s the list of free stuff.

Alba Extractor Alba Extractor

Alba Extractor is a useful utility for wrapping various mp3 files into one unit for ease of sharing on programs like NapShare etc.

Audacity Audacity

Audacity is an open source, cross platform audio editor and is a good solution for creating and editing podcasts.

Avidemux Avidemux

A free video editor for tasks like cutting and filtering

AviSynth AviSynth

A powerful tool for editing and processing videos.

CDex CDex

A popular open source digital audio CD extractor.

DScaler DScaler

The DScaler project is an effort to receive top quality videos from Windows computers.

DivFix DivFix

DivFix is a utility for watching partially downloaded DivX movies.

DivXRepair DivXRepair

Based on the VirtualDub model, it cuts off the bad parts and re


Popular DVD backup software that converts DVDx movies to high quality DVD movies.

FFmpeg FFmpeg

A complete recording, conversion and streaming solution for audio and video.


Open source server for streaming mp3s and media.

Gordian Knot Gordian Knot

Gordian Knot is an integrated Bit rate calculator package tool for Divx/XviD encoding.


JMAC is an open source Java implementation library of Monkey’s Audio compression decoder.

Dr. DivX Dr. DivX

The goal of Dr. DivX open source project is to create a portable application with the capability of transcoding many video formats.


LAME is an MP3 encoder.


LAME is an MP3 encoder.

Mixere Mixere

Mixere is a free, open

MMConvert MMConvert

The Free and Open Source Media Converter

Mp3splt Mp3splt

A terrific utility to split MP3 and Ogg files from anywhere without decoding.

Mp3Wrap Mp3Wrap

A useful alternative to wrap two or more mp3 files into a single large mp3 without the loss of file names and other information.

mpgtx mpgtx

A command line MPEG audio/video toolbox useful for joining audio and video files which include MP3, MPEG1, MPEG2 etc.

DVD2AVIdg/MPEG2DECdg Decoding Fix DVD2AVIdg/MPEG2DECdg Decoding Fix

An MPEG decoder suite used for decoding MPEG1 or MPEG2 streams from sources such as DVD VOBs.

Open Sound World Open Sound World

A scalable programming environment allowing musicians, researchers and sound engineers to process sound.


A one click solution for converting DVD to XVID files.

Taksi Taksi

Taksi allows users to take screenshots and record videos of favorite games Job

Virtual VCR Virtual VCR

A compact video capture application designed to work with TV tuner and video capture cards.

AviSynth AviSynth

A powerful tool for editing and processing videos.

BonkEnc BonkEnc

A useful application for ripping CDs, encoding and converting audio files to various formats. Users can produce mp3, mp4, FLAC files to name a few.

GiantDisc GiantDisc

GiantDisc is an open source software package designed to manage thousands of audio tracks.

NanDub + BRC NanDub + BRC

NanDub+BRC includes a bitrate calculator and offers users several advantages as their need for opening separate pieces of software is eliminated.


Popular DVD backup software that converts DVDx movies to high quality DVD movies.


OptimFROG is a zipping utility for audio compression programs

Musepack Musepack

A high quality audio compression format.

MusicBrainz Tagger MusicBrainz Tagger

Provides a database to create a comprehensive music information site. It can be accessed via the client or the internet.

ShrinkTo5 ShrinkTo5

A cross platform open source DVD copy engine

WavPack WavPack

WavPack is a high quality audio compression format and provides lossless compression.


CD-DA X-Tractor


One of the best tools to display information about AVI files


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