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Twitter for Marketing: Dead?

Twitter for Marketing: Dead? As expected, Twitter is huge. What was the original business model? Did the guys at Twitter ever think it would become what it is today? What is the future of Twitter?

Twitter has huge potential. And there’s enormous room for creative expansion. The platform in itself is flexible and can do some amazing things. But is it being used to its full potential. Absolutely not. Will it? Who knows … I’m sure there’s a strategy behind the future of Twitter.

But this it what I struggle with: In its current state, how effective is it in terms of marketing? Can a twitterer with 10000 followers create more hype than a twitterer with 1000? Simple logic would suggest that having more followers certainly creates more hype. But guess what … As of now it doesn’t necessarily work like that. It really depends on who’s following you, how they started following you, and the reason they use Twitter.
It’s not uncommon for a regular guy, with nothing good to say have thousands of followers. That does NOT mean that any of his followers listen to anything they’re saying.

Twitter currently serves as a platform for spam. So many people try to use twitter for shameless self-promotion and for their own marketing efforts, that they lose focus on the concept of Twitter. There’s several companies that facilitate the spamming activities. These companies make it easy to have thousands of friends and to send messages directly to each and every one of those friends – and this is done fully automated. It’s easy to filter these people out… Compare followers to number of people they follow. If the numbers are similar and hi, than they likely don’t use twitter the way it should be used.

In order for twitter to work for marketing, you need to have some foundation or previously established reputation. You need to actually be somebody who has something valuable to say or a person who is in the public eye. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see anyone gets famous by using twitter.
So what’s the appeal of Twitter for the spammers?

Perhaps these people are getting a false sense of self-worth. It’s possible that the spammers feel like they have accomplished something by gaining thousands of followers and can compete with the big boys. Or maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye. Whatever the reason, I think this is an issue that the guys at Twitter need to address.

I certainly don’t condone or promote spamming. But at the same time, I don’t disagree with paying for large amounts of followers. Having big numbers of followers can and will earn credibility. When people see that you have thousands of followers, they assume that there’s a legitimate reason for it.
To wrap this up, I think Twitter isn’t as effective in terms of marketing as people give it credit for. There’s too much spam. I believe that in order for it to have high value, the Twitterer needs to have a well-established foundation. This foundation can’t be created on Twitter – the logic just doesn’t work.

I believe that we’re soon to see some killer new uses of Twitter… assuming we can get control on the spamming.


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  3. twitter is not dead. I hope twitter is a great social media website …

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    August 1st, 2011
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